Sully Ali Coaching | Why do you go to war against yourself?
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Why do you go to war against yourself?

Why do you go to war against yourself?

You can see it when you get angry at yourself for your bad habits, your mistakes and your failures. You put yourself down for the things that make you human. You don’t forgive yourself and you think cruel thoughts about yourself. War is never pleasant.

The Golden Rule reminds us about treating other people the way that we treat ourselves. If you cannot invest a little love in your own direction, how can you be there for another person?

You and everyone else on the planet are a work in progress. You don’t need to be perfect; you are always learning, always changing, and getting better every day.

Aim for progress rather than perfection. We are all doing our best with the tools and abilities that we have at our disposal. So give yourself a break and remember that you’re doing just fine. I say daily affirmations to support my self love, regularly praise myself and reflect on my learning.

I’d love to hear about the ways that learning to love yourself has helped you, or could help you. What strategies do you have for loving yourself more?